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Are you content with your content?

You’ve tried online freelancers. You’ve tried agency writers. You still don’t see content that generates leads.

You don’t know how to find a good marketing writer and you want to stop wasting money on writers.

Great content writers should be easy to find.

But how?

My name is Richelle Wiseman and I understand how hard it is to find a good content writer. Not every writer is a fit for every company. Not every writer understands your company well before they start writing for you. 

I have been a professional writer for over twenty years. I know how to delve into your story, your brand, your niche, the problems you address and the solutions you provide. I can help your company generate leads from the quality content you deserve. 

Stop wasting time and money on content that doesn’t work for you. 

Instead, schedule a call with me. 

Writing is an art and a science. Good content writing requires both. I can help with:

Website content  |  Blogs  |  eBooks  |  Lead Generating PDFs  |  Media Releases  |  Books
LinkedIn  |  Speeches  |  Content Creation  |  Scripts  |  Profiles  |  Releases

Your well written content builds connections which
lead to sales.

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“Richelle is an extremely talented and well-rounded communications expert with strong academic and professional qualifications along with a wealth of experience and a skill set honed in the communications trenches. 

As Mayor of Calgary and in my international business activities after stepping down from public office, I have worked with some of the very best communications people in the country; people who have guided major public and private corporate ventures, government institutions, major events, and not-for-profits. I would have to say that Richelle ranks among the very best.”

Al Duerr
CEO General Magnetics International
Former Mayor of Calgary

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