Rtranslate-contentichelle is a translator.

She is a writer, wordsmith, content creator, journalist, and communications consultant. But what she actually does is translate ideas into the right words.

She listens, questions, probes and then translates her clients’ messages into the words their audiences will hear, understand, and remember.

She translates ideas, concepts, emotions, and technical problems, into words that bring clarity and action.

She is a storyteller. From our early childhood throughout our entire lives, stories compel, intrigue, teach, motivate, move and devastate us.  Richelle writes news stories and feature articles, corporate stories, personal stories, event stories, and fictional ones which are laced with truth.

She is a freelance journalist, researcher and writer with news, op-eds and feature articles published in major media outlets including the Calgary Herald, Hamilton Spectator, Troy Media, Alberta Oil Magazine, Saskatchewan Woman, Law Now, Journal of Communications, and others.

Richelle has excellent research, interviewing and writing skills which she uses for writing marketing tools, feature articles, and for market research.

Areas of expertise and experience

  • Cross-Cultural Communications and Engagement – experienced with ethnic and religious communities and their unique communications issues
  • Panelist and Panel Moderator for public events, media dialogues, and interfaith dialogues
  • Strategic Communications Plans
  • Public Relations – plans, campaigns, materials, website copy, surveys and polls
  • Media Relations – including 7 years of providing media relations training workshops
  • Community engagement – including workshops and events to engage communities in strategic issues for the organization
  • Event planning
  • Guest columns and major features for the Calgary Herald, Troy Media, and other media outlets across Canada
  • Public presentations and speeches
  • Communications audits
  • Executing public relations campaigns at a national, provincial, and local level
  • Media Relations – training, media releases and press events, securing radio/TV interviews
  • Script writing for television
  • Research and writing for documentary film

Executive experience

  • One of the founders, and Director of Communications, VISION TV
  • Director of Communications, The Green Channel
  • Director of Communications, Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
  • Executive Director, Centre for Faith and the Media (National non-profit)

Areas of interest

  • Social policy
  • Cultural and religious diversity
  • Environmental issues and climate change
  • Oil & Gas industry vs climate change
  • Art and Spirituality
  • Alternative health approaches
  • Social Justice
  • Civil liberties
  • Religious freedom
  • Freedom of speech, expression, and worship