I dive deep into
your company.

After a deep dive into your company, I can offer you a range of writing services to create the content you need.  I ask questions to help me understand your message, your goals, your target audience, and what you offer your customers or clients. 


You want your marketing content to be more effective.

All successful marketing requires expert messaging, key words, and a full pipeline of content to engage your existing and potential clients and customers. 

Writing for websites, blogs, social media platforms and sales funnels requires expertise and experience. I begin the process with an in-depth “Discovery Session” to fully understand your messaging and goals. With knowledge of our target markets, your competition, your industry, and your brand, I craft the content that works to generate leads.

  • Website Content 
  • Blogs 
  • Social Media Content 
  • Lead Generating pdfs 
  • eBooks 
  • Speeches & Releases


You would like a book to promote your brand, your public speaking career, your coaching business. I can help.

I coach business owners, executives, coaches, and individuals to write books: 

  • Business books 
  • Memoirs 
  • Fiction

I edit existing manuscripts to publishable standards, and I can ghostwrite books for those without the time or talent to write their own. Visit my other website to learn more about my Book Coaching, Book Editing and Ghostwriting services. 


How do you get journalists to pay attention to a release?

Press releases have changed dramatically along with the media landscape. No longer is it enough to write and send a press release through a single newswire service and hope it results in coverage. Social media now plays a new and powerful role in getting corporate messaging to media outlets AND reaching audiences.  

Get your press release to the right journalists, editors and producers through social media and direct phone calls with follow-up. Get attention with the right headlines and create a compelling story for journalists to pursue. 

Give me a call and let’s get your message out.


Video is a MUST for today’s marketing. On websites and social media platforms, video grabs more eyeballs and gets more engagement and leads than anything else.

I have been writing scripts for marketing videos and documentaries for long enough to understand how to create a story arc and get attention. Whether it is a 60 second animated marketing video or a 10 minute corporate video, I know how to create a compelling script that creates an emotional reaction.

Give me a call and let’s talk about your company’s video story.


Writing a speech and you’re stuck? Or terrified?

A corporate speaking engagement or major presentation can be a daunting and nerve-wracking opportunity.  A well-crafted, engaging speech has a powerful, attention-getting opening, a strong outline supported by great anecdotes, statistics, and quotes, and takes the listener on a journey to a powerful, impactful and memorable close.   You want to get more clients, you want to sell your book, you want to get donors to your non-profit. You need a speech that hits a home run. 

I teach Public Speaking at a university and I work with students to improve their content and delivery skills. 

Give me a call to talk about your speech. 

Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Creating engaging social media posts for the right platforms, at the right times is a challenge! With the help of scheduling and content creation tools, I can provide your brand with the content which supports and promotes your brand to the right audiences on these four platforms which are crucial to most businesses.  

I give LinkedIn workshops and webinars because I know the power of LinkedIn for business-to-business networking and lead generation. 

Let’s have a social media conversation.

Do you have a book in you?

I am also a Book Coach, Editor, and Ghostwriter.
I help clients write books and get them published.

Ready to get started?