3 Reasons Why You Need a Blog, Now More than Ever

Now is not the time to “go to ground” with your marketing. 

Sure, your business might be shuttered temporarily. You are dealing with a host of new challenges with how to deal with family, finances, employees, not to mention a fair dose of anxiety. 

But letting your marketing voice and brand slide off the stage is not a good idea.

1. Surf’s Up!

People are self-isolating at home. They are bored and they are surfing the net like never before.  

You should be there. 

Your blog could and should be speaking to your clients and customers about their needs, their concerns, their anxieties. Demonstrate your care and concern. Demonstrate your values as a company, your humanity as individuals within your company. 

2. Don’t Lose Ground

Audiences are fickle. They loved you yesterday, last month, or last year.

But what have you done for them lately? 

Think of maintaining and growing your online audience as a giant ball you are slowly rolling up a hill.  If you disappear for a coffee break, what happens to the ball? 

You get the idea. It rolls back down the hill you have painstakingly pushed it up. 

So, don’t go for a marketing “coffee break” during this strange time that we are in or you will lose hard-won ground with your audience.

3. Connect your business to the current realities.

Is there some way to connect what your business does to the upheaval and uncertainties of our present moment?  Can you draw a parallel? How do you rescue your clients and customers? How do you provide them with protection? How do you supply them with what they need when they need it – so they have no panic or dangerous delays? 

See what I’m getting at? 

Find a way to enter into their world with your solutions.  You will be amazed at how responsive they will be. In a time of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, people are looking for solid, trustworthy, companies and leaders who speak confidently of navigating these rough waters and getting through safely to the other side. 

Which reminds me, there will be “the other side.”  We will all get through this somehow. 

The question is…will your marketing? 

If you would like to know more about writing blogs which would enable your company to speak into the present moment, give me a call. 

I am still working on the right words for my clients and writing the blogs for them which can get them attention, keep them on track with their marketing voice and goals, and speak into the present realities.



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