Do You Need a Lead Generating pdf?

The short answer is “Yes.” A “lead generating pdf” or eBook is one of the most important Marketing tools you can add to your website homepage.  Here’s why. 

1. SEO 

As with everything on your website, a lead generating pdf or eBook needs to have well-written and optimized content. This means it should contain strong keywords based on words and phrases searchers would use to find your website. It should also contain appropriate links which lead to other landing pages on your website. This will enhance the ability of internet searchers to find your website and your eBook. 

2. Authority & Trust

Your lead generating pdf or eBook should establish your credibility as an authority in your field, to create trust in the reader.  You need to move the reader from discovering what your company does, and how it can help them, to making the decision to trust you enough to answer the Call to Action. 

This is an important part of the customer journey that the eBook facilitates. You want your website to take a customer from AWARENESS to INTEREST to DECISION to ACTION.  Your eBook can be the tool which moves the reader through that process.

3. Value 

Your eBook or pdf should provide the viewer with something of value. It should contain information that they can actually use in their business, such as tips or procedures to follow, a template, or a list of ideas for them to implement to help their business. It should provide a solution to a problem. When you provide free value to a potential customer, that person is more likely to trust you and recognize your ability to help them with larger issues and problems. 

4. Email list 

A lead generating pdf or eBook is made available to a website visitor who provides you with their email. This is one of the main goals of having this downloadable content. Once you have the customer’s email, now you can add them to your database or CRM and proceed to send them emails. This is an important part of your marketing strategy – to use emails for follow-up and ongoing campaigns. As one marketer said, “The money is in the email.”

5. Leads, of course

Finally, the goal is for the lead generating pdf or eBook to result in a lead. You want to convert that reader into a paying customer.  Sometimes, the eBook will accomplish that. Sometimes, it will serve as one more step towards conversion, but a very important one, nonetheless.  

If you would like to learn more about lead generating pdfs or eBooks, give me a call. I would be happy to help you with creating one for your business. 



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